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Rhys McFadden is an ordained Baptist Minister based in Queensland, Australia. Rhys is a Founding Member of Exiles Australia which is a Harm Prevention programme.  Rhys is described as a gifted and animated communicator who has been involved in High Schools seminar presenting since 1995. He has a passion and commitment to relate to youth and youth issues in a relevant way.


Roy Nicholson comes from a Military and Police background.  He is an ordained minister and holds a Doctor of Divinity he also has a degree in Biblical counselling.


Roy is our webmaster and he also co-ordinates our prayer team. 

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Roy - Praying for your prodigals


 The immediate response of many within our fellowship following a message named Lost People Matter to God showed the degree of concern of many within the fellowship for their lost sons, daughters, family members, friends and neighbors.

Praying the Prodigals Home is a ministry formed as a response to that need to support those agonizing about their nearest and dearest, while empowering those people with a caring community of people who will share the burden to pray for their loved ones.

This ministry is a loving response to support those in the family of faith by praying for those yet to become part of the family.

Praying the Prodigals Home is a group of people who hunger to see the lost united with the Father.

We have been encouraged by Rob Parsons of Care for the Family’s work in the UK but saw the need to help those who were hurting here in Queensland and Australia. Our thanks go to the Prayer Group at Birkdale Baptist Church who have diligently prayed for their prodigals for years as attending their prayer meeting led to the concept of Praying the Prodigals Home.

We are  an independent ministry under the directorship of Dr Roy Nicholson. D.D. BA Bibclical Counselling.

Our initial meeting drew 17 people of like interest with many giving their apologies at being unable to attend.

This meeting was addressed by Rhys McFadden, an inspirational speaker, who explored how he felt God hungered and yearned for the lost to come to accept him as their Father. Rhys’s enthusiasm expelled all doubts as to what the Father’s heart is towards those who we call prodigals.

Those present broke into small groups and prayed over the people that they were concerned for and at the completion of the prayers those that wished placed the names of those they were praying for in a basket at the foot of a cross.  Over 40 names were placed before the cross in an act of faith.

Response to prayers was almost instantaneous with reports of some of those prayed for approaching those that had prayed for them and saying that it was time that they looked into their own spiritual well-being.

A prayer team has been established to bring the people submitted before the father on a regular basis.

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