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You’ve probably taken the biggest step already.

Coming to the realization that something is not quite right in your life.

What’s missing is the relationship with God the Father that your heart is yearning for. You may not even realize it but subconsciously you are responding to the Father’s hungers for you to complete the circle and come back to where you belong. Return to a relationship with the one who created you

People often say that they’ve done too much in their lives to be able to turn to God. That God would never be able to accept them because of what they have done in their lives.

A friend of mine was sharing this weekend with someone who was struggling with this belief (we’ll call him Billy which isn’t his real name). Billy lived a very rough life involving, sex, hard drugs, and wild living. How could God possibly want anything to do with him.

My friend reached into his pocket and took out a $20 bill. He showed Billy the $20 bill and asked him if he would like it. “Yes.” said Billy.

My friend took the $20 bill and screwed it up. He held it out to Billy again and asked, “Would you still want it?”

“Of course”, Billy replied.

My friend then screwed the bill up, threw it on the floor and ground it into the dirt with his foot. ” It’s filthy and dirty now. Do you still want it?” “Of course I do.” said Billy.

My friend then tore the $20 bill into small pieces and then stuck them back together with tape. “what about now?”

“Yes.” Billy said.

“Well you weren’t quick enough to get it and it blew away on the wind. You don’t see it for a few years and in that time it is used and handled by hundreds of people but eventually it’s lying there on the floor right in front of you. You recognize it because of the way it has been repaired. It’s there at your feet. Do you still want it?” ‘Yes. It’s still worth $20.”

“And so are you.” my friend said, “You are just as valuable to God today as when you first started out. God wants you just as much today as ever. You are worth far more than any $20 bill.”

There’s a presentation that you can watch that describes God’s feelings for you it runs for about seven minutes but it will give you a good idea of how God feels about you.

Father's Love Letter

Still need convincing.

There are a couple of cartoon presentations you can watch that may help.

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 Some uplifting stories that you might like to read that show your not the only one struggling.

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