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How to Get Started

We don’t have a specific formula but will explain how we went about starting the praying the Prodigals Home group here in Brisbane.

Rhys McFadden delivered a message to our fellowship which was titled Lost People Matter to God and it would appear that the message touched a few hearts in the fellowship.  Many people approached Rhys after the message and it quickly became apparent that there was a desperate need to reach out to their loved ones that were lost.

A meeting of interested people was called and about 30 attended. Before the meeting commenced we had available on each chair a card giving an overview of Praying the Prodigals Home. A crafted prayer, and a tear off slip where the name of the prodigal could be written down. A pen was also available together with the words from the Father’s Love Letter. People were asked to write the given name of the person or persons that they wanted prayer for on the tear off card.

After a short introduction the Father’s Love Letter was presented both as a projected video. The words of scripture that form the letter had already been circulated.

The presentation confirmed, in a very powerful way, the Father’s love for those that we were concerned for. It convinced us that God really does hunger for community and relationship with each and every one of us. So much so that Jesus actually died so that we would not be lost from him but could be reconciled to the Father who loves us so desperately. We say desperately because how else do you describe the sacrifice that was made. To allow your own beloved son to die for humanity is nothing less than a clear cut indication that God the Father loves us beyond anything that we can comprehend.

We broke up into groups of three or four and shared our concerns and then prayed in the small groups for our lost loved ones that were written on the cards.

Following the prayers the feelings of the meeting were sought to find out if the one meeting was considered sufficient or whether there was a need for follow up and further meetings. It was decided that those attending wanted ongoing prayer at a regular once a month meeting with feedback of how our prayers were going.

The meeting concluded with us taking our prayer requests on the tear off cards to the foot of a cross that was positioned in the corner and leaving the cards in a basket that was provided for that purpose.

The cards were collected and processed into a list of given names only that is then circulated around a specific prayer team of consistent prayers that was formed specifically for this purpose.

The meeting finished with a small supper and the majority of those attending stayed and interacted over the refreshments.

The names of the people on the list are initially entered in black symbolising that they are in darkness. As they start to make enquiries or approaches to faith or becoming involved in conversations about spiritual matters their names are changed from black to blue symbolising that some light that has now come on their situation. When they make a decision for Jesus their names are changed to Burgundy symbolising that they are then under the blood. Our ongoing List is circulated in colour at monthly meetings and the changes are very noticeable and very encouraging.

Our monthly meetings are continuing. Prayer cards, pens and any other matter are on the chairs ready for those attending. Our meetings follow the regular format of a short introduction, Feedback, a short presentation and then breaking up into the small groups for prayer. A few short closing words and then the cards are placed in the basket. we always finish with a light supper and the interaction and fellowship over the supper is supportive and beneficial.

We have put together a pack to enable you to organise and get started.  The pack consists of the following:

1 Audio CD of Rhys’s initial message Lost People Matter to God.

1 copy of the Notes on Rhys’s message that were handed out.

1 copy of the overhead slides used during the message.

1 copy of Lost people matter to God Rhys’s Message Notes.

1 copy of What is a Prodigal

1 copy of Lost People matter to God Life Questions. Suit study group.

A copy of the card layout. Front and back with instructions on how we prepared the tear off slip.


This pack is only available in the English Language.

We are happy to provide the pack but have to cover our production and mailing costs and ask for a donation of at least $10.


If you would like a copy of the pack please send an email by filling in the form below and we will mail a pack out to you as soon as we are able..


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