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When we started to research what was available to help us to reach out to those that we have thought of as Prodigals we found some useful resources that we were able to use in out initial presentation.  We thought that we'd share those resources with you and so the links are below.

Bringing the Prodigals Home

Rob Parsons has written a book that we will be using to encourage those that are desperately reaching out to those that they love who are lost. Rob has also produced a video to encourage and guide small groups and fellowships in reaching out to Prodigals.


 Initially speaking to people about praying for their loved ones that are lost is that they feel that they have made a choice and that maybe it is not God's will to pray for them  to come to him. This site has a beautiful presentation that you can watch online.

Although when one watches this presentation we might at first think of the personal relationship that we have with the Father. We encourage you to think from the perspective of how the Father is feeling towards the person that you are concerned for and that is lost. Your prayer for the lost would most certainly bed within the will of a Father who feels this way for his child.

Wilma from has produced some excellent presentations you may wish to look at or share.

Help Your

If you need healing and are in the Gold Coast in Queensland try the
Gold Coast Healing Rooms

Some uplifting stories that you might like to read that show your not the only one struggling.


Changing Lives On-Line



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