Praying the Prodigals Home


An Account of a Modern Prodigal 

There once was a man with two daughters. The younger one was keen to spread her wings and explore whilst the elder was content to work towards a career and a life based at home until she married. Time passed and the younger became uncomfortable and felt sick and started going to the doctor. Those about her accused her of malingering and not pulling her weight but suddenly they all started being very nice to her and she was told to go back and see her doctor as some test results had come in. She was terrified that her illness may be very serious.

The father had been praying for a friend’s son who was very ill with cancer and the lad had died just a couple of days before. The father heard about his youngest daughter’s illness and prayed. “Lord let it be anything except cancer. Lord she can even be pregnant. Just don’t take my daughter from me.” The Lord heard his heartfelt prayer and answered it.

His youngest daughter was pregnant and in distress she came home fully expecting to be rejected and turned away but she came home to a loving welcome.

The eldest daughter responded just as the elder brother in Luke did. “How can you forgive her and turn a blind eye to what she has done. How can she escape without punishment for what she has put you through?”

The father replied. “I thought my daughter was going to die but the Lord gave her back to me and her child is my delight. How can I be angry with someone I love so much?”

Never underestimate the power of faithful family members who pray and love the prodigals home.


Names have been avoided to protect the innocent and in these instances no one is guilty.


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