Praying the Prodigals Home


Some Stories of Prodigals

Read Rhys’s story – The Power of Two Praying Sisters

Rhys says that following a serious motor cycle accident a radical encounter in hospital with the risen Lord Jesus turned his life around.  

Click here to read Rhys full story.


A Modern Account of  Prodigal Story

The father heard about his youngest daughter’s illness and prayed. “Lord let it be anything except cancer. Lord she can even be pregnant. Just don’t take my daughter from me.” The Lord heard his heartfelt prayer and answered it.

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 Never underestimate the power of faithful family members who pray and love the prodigals home.


Join with us in praying for your prodigals.


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This page will grow as stories are given to us.



Some uplifting stories that you might like to read that show your not the only one struggling.

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